Change the way you work with farmers

Our technological solutions create value for farmers and for you. They strengthen mutual trust and develop lasting collaboration.

You are an agro-food manufacturer

Plan sustainable changes with your farm producers. Follow your plan. Prove the changes.

You are an agro-bank or an agricultural insurer

Advise farmers on their investments. Simulate their risks. Offer the most suitable credit and hedging solutions.

You are a cooperative

Support farmers in their strategic choices. Provide added-value services. Follow their transitions.

You are an accounting management center

Advise farmers in their business strategy. Simulate custom scenarios. Create perfect business plans.

Our technological solutions

We develop smart and collaborative decision support tools

thegreendata solution Smart Pilot

Analyse farms. Plan your strategy.

Smart Pilot tools aggregate field data and assess economic and environmental impacts on your area of activity.

Customizable visualization
Aggregated indicators from field data
Environmental impact models
Integration with Smart Farm tools
thegreendata solution Smart Farmer

Collaborate with farmers to find best decisions

Smart Farm tools simulate the technical, economic and strategic choices of a farm in order to assess the impacts, risks and benefits.

All agricultural productions
Simulation of +1 month to +10 years
Assessment of the income statement, financing plan, business plans
Simulation of climatic fluctuations, yields and prices
Organic and agro-ecological transition scenarios

Share data with your local partners

The smart and collaborative MAIA platform makes it possible to aggregate expertise and accelerate the deployment of services in your area of activity.

Management and sharing of secure data between different companies
Management and sharing of expert models
Sharing benchmarks and indicators
Rights and roles administration
Our approach

We build tailor-made solutions

Our technology is flexible by design. We build solutions for your context, your productions and your territory.


Solution design

We analyze your data to build valuable metrics and find best use cases.



Because nothing beats field testing, we launch a pilot phase to confirm and measure the real value created by our solutions.



We deploy the solution to your employees, partners, customers and suppliers. We provide support and commitment to quality of service.

Our impact

Towards a more sustainable and more collaborative agriculture

Act now for agriculture
Our solutions foster changes in agriculture. They make you become an active player in the invention of new, sustainable and collaborative production models.
Petite ferme TheGreenData

Ensuring economic viability

Our solutions allow the agricultural sector to better protect farmers from risks in order to guarantee them a decent and stable income.

Reduce environmental impact

Our solutions help the agricultural sector, responsible for 20% of GHG emissions, to reduce its impact on the climate and on biodiversity.

Meeting societal demand

Our solutions allow the sectors to meet the growing demands of consumers for a more qualitative and sustainable food.

Our team

We are passionate, daring and enthusiastic

We share the ambition to have a positive impact on the lives of farmers, on food production and on the planet.


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